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Prior Art Citations

First, all prior and subsequent art related to the patent being evaluated is identified and cited.


Next, a patent network is created based on all of the identified backward and forward citations.

Computing Value

Once a patent network has been created, we use fundamental math to assess your patents value.

The Badge

Based on the current and future values of your patent, we assign you a unique Patent Rank!

Maximize your potential in the marketplace!

We want to partner with you to solve all of your problems and discover the true potential of your patent portfolio. Patent Rank promises to deliver transparent and objective patent-network dynamics which will enable more informed decision-making. Years of preparation, dedication, and hard work have contributed to the exceptional data and unparalleled science that is utilized in all of our great products and services. The potential for greatness is only limited by your willingness to find it. Let's get started today and change the world together!

Products and Services


MyPatentAssets is a service that provides individual patent examinations in a dashboard setting based on several valuation criteria via a Patent Rank.
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Powered by Patent Rank analytical ranking technology, MyPatentReports provides ranked reports on all ideas, innovation, trends and more related to IP.
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Can I do a sophisticate statistical analysis? Yes! MyPatentAnalytics provides data for financial analysts and the like to perform statistical analyses
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Is your idea patentable? MyPatentIdeas delivers the answer to this common question. Save money by finding out if that next big idea is worth pursuing!
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Words from our Team!

  • Monte J. Shaffer - Founder and Visionary, Patent Rank

    "In an age of difficult economic times, we believe that Patent Rank will improve the competitive nature of U.S. businesses. We are confident that our new data from the Patent Rank methodology will benefit incumbent firms, entrepreneurial start-ups, and various venturing groups. The Patent Rank brand promises to 'deliver transparent and objective patent-network dynamics' which will enable more informed decision making."
  • Ted McGuire - CEO, Patent Rank

    "Upon initial discovery of Patent Rank, I immediately began investigating the value a company such as this could provide. As both a small business owner and member of a large corporation, I have seen the tangible benefits from the valuation and insight Patent Rank has provided me. I recommend their services with the utmost certainty."
  • Matt McLennan - Marketing Intern, Patent Rank

    "As a recent college graduate and aspiring entrepreneur, I can attest to the infinite potential Patent Rank provides to its clients. Not only have I received actionable advice and results from personal use, but I have also been able to make recommendations to several of my partners and affiliates based on the data they have provided me. Simply put, Patent Rank provides results.

Check it out!

  • Pong, the Atari creation that launched the computer game craze, came with these instructions: "Avoid missing ball for high score."
    Cool Patents
  • …that the Slinky toy was the result of a failed attempt by engineer Richard James to produce an antivibration device for ship instruments? His goal was to develop a spring that would instantaneously counterbalance the wave motion that rocks a ship at sea. Instead, he developed the Slinky.
    Did You Know
  • “Dumbass patents are crushing small businesses.” Cuban has recently teamed up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation digital rights group to start a campaign to “eliminate stupid patents” that he says is trying to “get the message to politicians that patent trolls are costing taxpayers… and small businesses money that could otherwise be used for innovation and creating jobs.” -Mark Cuban
    Stupid Quotes about Patents